Otis Sowell, Jr.
Mallard Ducks In Flight

Otis Sowell Photography

Nature - Scenic - Wildlife Photos --- COVER IMAGE: Northern Harrier - Female, - E. Jack Jouett Rd, Louisa County, Virginia -- Of all the kinds of photography I have enjoyed during the past thirty or so years as a professional photographer, including weddings, portraits, and sports; what I have enjoyed most is photographing birds. Any kind of bird. Not only are birds facinating to watch, they are also an important part of our ecosystem. I cannot imagine a world without birds. Sadly, though, because of reckless disregard and in some cases downright greed, the earth and it's precious resources are being ruined by flagrant exploitation under the guise of progress and economic success. The use of dangerous systemic Neonicotinoid Pesticides on food crops we eat might guarantee a cash crop for farmers, but it also bodes an ominous outcome for ANYTHING consuming them such as rodents, birds of prey that feed on the rodents, and even us humans. However, I can imagine and look forward to a world soon to come without the afore-mentioned destructive elements.
I hope you enjoy viewing these photos I have had the pleasure of taking over the years. Thanks for stopping by. - Otis Sowell, Jr.
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